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Simple cells combine to make powerful life-forms.
Simple electronics combine to make powerful computers.

- Scott Adams

My name is Nichol Tillman. I would like to welcome you to my portfolio website. Within this site, you can learn all about my background and experience.

Happy to have your attention, please enjoy.

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I am a full-stack software developer and I'm available to assist you on your project!
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Databases and SQL.

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I am a software developer and former microbiologist who enjoys creating innovative products and solutions through coding.
In my spare time, I enjoy competative bodybuilding and spending time in the outdoors.

I am a graduate of The Tech Academy's Python Developer Boot Camp. I am trained and experienced in the following web and programming languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python and more.

I am a full-stack developer and would love to work with you on your project. You can contact me using the button below.


You can view my projects on my GitHub here: Nichol's GitHub

You can view my resume here: Nichol's Resume

You can view my LinkedIn profile here: Nichol's LinkedIn

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